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Not Quite Yet...
Have you seen the latest article about Reality Revealed™ in "People" magazine?

Neither have we.

I'm not quite sure what is up, but we got more press from offering Levi Johnston $25,000 to take it off than we've gotten for seven reality TV stars actually taking it off. As such, candidly, we're finding it really hard to invest a lot of time in back end payment processing and such when all the current crop of reality TV stars fit the requirements to go on, our well-established and quite heavily trafficked web site.

So, while we figure everything out, you can see Stew, Dan, Tyler, Big John, Josh, Shawn, and Matsu naked right now at

While we can't promise it indefinitely, the plan is for the reality TV guys' videos to debut on both sites at the same time, with a membership to SCM allowing you to view Reality Revealed guy videos as they debut in addition to the normal content.

Barring some unforeseen circumstance, if you purchase and keep an active membership to SCM, you should be all set in seeing guy reality TV stars naked and watching all the other various happenings on, so just go for that instead of waiting for this puppy.

If you're stubborn, though, and you'd just prefer to purchase access to Reality Revealed, hang tight. Do let us know, though. Otherwise, Reality Revealed might be more of a marketing vehicle than it's own site.

You've always wished you could see reality TV stars naked...
Reality Revealed™ will make that wish come true!         

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