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We started casting Reality Revealed™ with guys from reality TV as, well, years of experience has shown us that guys are more apt to get naked than girls. (Think about your last keg party!) Knowing that it was quite an undertaking to get reality TV stars naked in the first place, we went with the path that had the highest likelihood of success.

Now that we've got a considerable amount of guys under our belt, though, we're working hard on reality TV girls, too.

Of course, we didn't want to leave the female loving crowd hanging, so here are a couple everyday gals for you in the meantime.

Look for reality TV girls naked on Reality Revealed in Spring 2010. (That's a lot closer than you think!)

Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!

Name: Sky
Date of Birth: March 23rd
Resides In: Utah
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Orientation: Bisexual
Landscaping: Shaven
Sky is a very flexible 18 year old cheerleader / dancer from Utah, and when a few of her guy buddies came in to audition for Bait & Tackle®, she thought she'd also give it a shot. Otherwise, she's never been naked on camera except for a few home videos she shot with her boyfriend.

She has a sweet, innocent, girl next door quality about her that you know is covering up a sexual wild side. She says she and her boyfriend are "experimental" with bringing other girls into the mix... it sounds like her boyfriend is a very lucky guy.

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Name: Chloe
Date of Birth: December 4th
Resides In: Nevada
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Orientation: Straight
Landscaping: Shaven
Chloe grew up in Texas but moved out here to Las Vegas when her husband got a new job. Not long after the move, she decided to take up stripping.

She has been married for 6 years and claims her husband is the only man with whom she'd had sex. However, that's soon to change as she wants to fulfill her fantasy of having two guys in her at the same time.

Even though she takes her clothes off for a living, there's something exciting about being able to see a loyal married girl bare it all for the camera.

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You've always wished you could see reality TV stars naked...
Reality Revealed™ will make that wish come true!         

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